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Mind blowing, extravaganza and entertaining MAGIC & ILLUSION'S SHOW

Hafidz the Wizard (a.k.a Hafidz Osman) is a well known Malaysian International Magician that has been doing shows with many corporate company VVIP and Royalties.  He has been around the scene for more than 10 years and has been doing more than 700 over shows all over the country including house parties. Few of the Wizard's great illusions are involving body splitting, appearing and disappearing acts, transformation, metamorphosis, penetration act, levitation and many more.


Hafidz Osman has also did special appearances on several televisions' show and news paper such as:

1) Chinese new year television's special (RTM - 2010)

2) Deepavaali  TV Special (RTM - 2009)

3) Malaysia Hari Ini (TV3 - 2008)

4) Selamat Pagi Malaysia (TV1 - 2007)

5) Aidil Adha TV Special (TV7 - 2007)

6) Several Segment in Bang Bang Boom (TV3 - 2010)

7) Chrismas  TV Special (TV2)